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When do you need an immigration lawyer?

May 3, 2022

The process of moving to Canada from another country can be a complex one, no matter why or in what capacity you’re making this kind of move. This isn’t only the case for someone shifting their entire life over to Canada as a permanent resident; even potential migrants looking to reside in the country for employment or some other purpose for an extended period of time may find the path toward getting there to be a thoroughly detailed and challenging one, even with hundreds of potential methods available for making the move.

These are the reasons that most people in need of immigration assistance hire a lawyer with the right expertise. An immigration lawyer dedicates their career to helping potential future Canadian residents navigate the complexities of gaining authorization from the government to live here full-time, and generally, that takes the form of helping people work through challenges with obtaining or keeping a PR card, work visa, or some other common method of moving here.

But there are other reasons you may require the services of an immigration lawyer, too. This means more than just unusual and unexpected challenges that may arise related to these methods of gaining permission to reside in Canada; some people looking for a way to live here as a full-time resident may be asylum seekers. Alternatively, some may be looking for a visa on the basis of making a major investment.

When do you need an immigration lawyer? In this blog post, we’ll explore why people typically consult an attorney on the basis of immigration matters and some of the more uncommon reasons to do so for people in unique circumstances.

When will you usually need an immigration lawyer?

Given that the process of obtaining a PR card or a work visa of any kind is a complicated and rigorous process, many people exploring these methods of gaining entry to Canada as a resident look for the services of an attorney to help simplify it. Certain elements of the process may be unclear to someone without a particularly deep knowledge of how the Canadian immigration system works, but an attorney’s entire career is devoted to using their expertise to help prospective immigrants navigate this system.

An attorney isn’t only helpful for understanding the process and following it correctly, though. Sometimes, unanticipated problems can appear that impede your ability to successfully obtain a valid residence status or may put that status in jeopardy. If, for example, you’re at risk of being deported or already have been and are looking for a way to re-enter the country, an attorney can help analyze your situation and determine the right course of action to help you achieve your goal.

Rare occurrences that require an attorney’s help

Sometimes, an immigration lawyer is needed for rarer occasions than simply obtaining or keeping things like a visa or full citizenship. A lawyer is also an essential resource for someone who’s fleeing their home country due to persecution or a similar threat. In this situation, you may seek asylum in Canada, opening you up to benefits and exceptions that other methods of gaining entry to the country may not afford you.

There are other atypical reasons you may need help from an attorney, too. If your goal is to make a major investment in the Canadian economy, you may be able to obtain an investment-based visa. However, you’re only eligible for this type of visa if you have either business ownership or senior management experience. Minimum investment amounts vary, but they range between $350,000-$1,600,000, depending on the geographic area you’re investing in.

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Get help from the immigration lawyers at Atlas Law Group

No matter how you plan to make your move to Canada, getting help from experienced immigration lawyers like the ones at Atlas Law Group can make the process easier and improve your chances of success. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation or get more information.

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