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What Do Immigration Lawyers Do in Canada?

August 1, 2023

Canada has landed as one of the top destinations for people worldwide looking to emigrate. The friendly nature of the country and the plethora of opportunities available make it an attractive destination for immigration. But like in any legal matter, the immigration process is complex and tedious, whether you are an individual or a business. This is where immigration lawyers come in.

Immigration lawyers are professionals who specialize in immigration law and offer services to clients engaged in the immigration process. Immigration lawyers assist clients with their applications and represent them in court in the event of legal hiccups. This profession is unique and requires in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration law, which is constantly changing.

Why Choose an Immigration Lawyer vs an Immigration Consultant?

Because navigating Canada's immigration system can be complex and challenging, many individuals turn to an immigration lawyer or an immigration consultant for assistance. While both professionals can assist with immigration matters, some key differences exist in their services. Immigration lawyers are licensed to practice law in Canada and can offer a range of legal services to individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. They can represent clients in court, provide legal advice, and help prepare and file legal documents. Immigration consultants, on the other hand, are not lawyers but are qualified to assist with immigration matters. They can advise on applications and paperwork, assist with filling out forms, and provide general guidance on the immigration process. Regardless of which professional you choose, seeking their assistance can help ensure that your immigration journey is smooth and (relatively) stress-free.

Your Questions, Answered: What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

Legal Services

The main service offered by an immigration lawyer is legal counsel. Immigration lawyers assist clients with visa applications and other necessary documents required for an applicant to gain entry into Canada. In addition, they provide legal representation to clients who have immigration disputes in court. These legal services are offered to individuals and businesses alike.

Assistance with Permanent Residency Applications

Immigration Lawyers assist clients with their permanent residence applications, including the documentation, filing, and guidance to follow the process. They ensure that all legal requirements and procedures are followed, and advise the client regarding any foreseeable problems that may arise.

Assisting Employers with Foreign Worker Programs

In cases where an employer wishes to hire foreign workers, immigration lawyers assist with navigating the process and ensure compliance with Canadian immigration laws. They also help employers complete appropriate paperwork and certify that they follow the laws required to bring employees into the country.

Assistance with Sponsorship

Immigration lawyers assist clients with family and spousal sponsorships, including filing the necessary documents and providing guidance and legal advice throughout the process.

Inadmissibility Cases

In cases where an applicant or individual has been declared as inadmissible to Canada, immigration lawyers can provide legal counsel in order to overturn the decision. They can assist clients with preparing a case and representing them in court.

Trust the Legal Experts in Canadian Immigration

Immigration law matters are complex, comprising numerous procedural and documentation requirements for granting a visa. An immigration lawyer can help you navigate this intimidating and ever-changing process. They can provide personalized counsel and professionally represent you throughout the lengthy process. It is essential that you work with a trusted immigration lawyer if you have any queries or need guidance to make a smooth transition to Canada.

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